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Flying with Your Pet for the Holidays


Traveling for the Holidays this year?  Are you bringing your dog or cat or other pet with you?  If so, you will need a health certificate.  Most airlines require that any pets traveling have a health certificate issued by a licensed veterinarian. This ensures that the pet is healthy enough for travel.

We have a few tips for you if you are flying with your pet this year.

Firstly, call the airline you want to fly with.  Ensure your breed is not a restricted breed.  Also check about pre-boarding.  Most airlines will let you board early.  If yours does not, we suggest getting pre-boarding when you book your ticket.  This allows you to get your pet settled in properly.

If your pet isn’t used to a kennel, start getting them used to it well before the flight.  Maybe try to take them for a short car ride while they are in the kennel and increase the trip time until you know they are used to the kennel.  This will help for a more enjoyable flight for yourself and those around you.

On the day of travel, keep your pet health certificate handy.  Don’t keep it packed away where it’s not easily accessible.  Different airports and airlines have different policies.  Keep it handy so you don’t have to dig for it while caring for your pet and any other carry-on items you have.

Whether you are planning on traveling by plane or by other means within the United States – we are here for your health certificate needs.

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