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More Lost Dogs Lately


Unfortunately we have had more lost dogs find their way into our hospital recently.

We wanted to update you on this and share what would make owner-finding much easier.

Other than the obvious tips of ensuring your pet has a collar and name tag, properly fenced if let outside, not let outside alone, etc. we HIGHLY RECOMMEND your pet be micro-chipped.

Now, collars and name tags can become loose and fall off.  Microchipping is a permanent form of identification.  It is so sad how we see pets find their way to our hospital and we cannot I.D. them or the owners.  Fortunately, however, we have a very good community who share our social media pictures and updates in hopes the owner sees them.  Only some have been reunited this way.

At the Day and Evening Pet Hospital, we use 24PetWatch Microchips. As soon as the chip is implanted in your pet, we register that number here at the clinic. That number goes in to their national database, where your information is linked to your pet.  If you have moved or changed numbers or are unsure if your contact information is correct call our hospital and we can help you update your pet’s microchip!

Microchipping is $25.  Please make an appointment with us today to get this taken care of!  You can reach us at 727-785-7200.

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