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Painless Treatment for Ear Infection


We want to give you some information on how we like to treat ear infections!  But first, a little science:

Otitis externa is the medical term for ear infections.  In a nutshell, it’s basically inflammation of the ear canal that causes pain and discomfort or irritation.  Infections such as yeast and other bacteria often go hand-in-hand with inflammation and are the target of most ear infection treatments!

Some common ear infection causes include:

  1. Allergies
  2. Narrow ear canal
  3. Water trapped in the ear
  4. Ear mites
  5. Very hairy ears

Some common symptoms would be:

  1. Ear discharge
  2. Foul odor
  3. Excessive scratching
  4. Red or swollen ears
  5. Shaking their head

After doing a physical exam and some tests on your pup and if we find an ear infection, we would most likely recommend Claro®.

Claro® is a prescription treatment (liquid and squeezed into the ear) used to fight ear infections.  It fights harmful bacteria, certain yeast strands and reduces swelling.  It is a one-dose treatment and it’s only given by one of our vets here at the clinic.  You don’t have to do anything, no home treatments!

If you have any concerns about ear infections or you think your dog may have one, please call us and get scheduled for an appointment! We would be happy to help you. (We will also give you tips on how to clean your dog’s ears properly at home to help prevent future infections.) 727-785-7200

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