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When Your Pet Has a Skin Infection


As us humans know, skin infections can be very irritating and really affect our mood and behavior.  In addition to that, we know that if we do not treat and handle the infection, our overall health can be worsened.

The same can occur in dogs and cats.

But what do you do about a skin infection for a dog or cat?

In most instances, the obvious choice is to treat your pet’s skin infection with Convenia®.  It is an injection so you don’t have to worry about giving pills, dosing schedules, etc.  We love this form of treatment because it is quick, safe and very effective.

Convenia® is an injectable antibiotic to treat common bacterial skin infections.  Just one injection works full-time for 14 days andworks to eliminate the infection and handles the clinical signs of it!

Just 1 injection of Convenia® equates to 56 pills (56 pills meaning 2 pills at twice a day, for 14 days–wow!).  This antibiotic shot is very convenient for you as a pet-parent.  You can rest assured that your pet’s infection is getting taken care of.

(This company also does a rewards program.  You can sign up here to receive rewards to help pay for your pet’s injections.)

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