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Here at Day & Evening Pet Hospital, we perform the following surgeries:

  • Orthopedics (amputations, ACL and Knee surgeries, patella surgeries, etc)
  • Mass and tumor removals
  • Cystotomies
  • Exploratories
  • Enucleations (eye removals and repairs)
  • Jaw Repairs
  • Soft tissue Surgery

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Spay & Neuter

Spaying is a general term used to describe the ovariohysterectomy of a female animal. Neutering is a general term used to describe the castration of a male animal. However, neutering is often used in reference to both genders. The surgical procedure, performed by a veterinarian, renders the animal incapable of reproducing. Here are answers to some questions you may have about this beneficial procedure.

When can I have this procedure done?
Both procedures can safely be performed at as early as 4 months of age. The Day And Evening Pet Hospital is a strong proponent of juvenile or pediatric spay/neuter since it is both healthy for pets and effectively reduces pet overpopulation.

Why should I have my pet neutered?
Animal shelters, both public and private, are faced with an incredible burden: What to do with the overpopulation of dogs and cats that they cannot find homes for? Approximately 3.7 million animals are euthanized at shelters each year, due to the sheer fact that there are not enough willing adopters. Having your pet spayed or neutered ensures that you will not be adding to this tremendous burden.

What are some of the health and behavioral benefits?
Through neutering, you can help your dog or cat live a happier, healthier, longer life. Spaying eliminates the constant crying and nervous pacing of a female cat in heat. Spaying a female dog also eliminates the messiness associated with the heat cycle.

Neutering of male dogs and cats can prevent certain undesirable sexual behaviors, such as urine marking, humping, male aggression, and the urge to roam. If you have more than one pet in your household, all the pets will generally get along better if they are neutered.

A long-term benefit of spaying and neutering is improved health for both cats and dogs. Spaying females prior to their first heat cycle nearly eliminates the risk of breast cancer and totally prevents uterine infections and uterine cancer. Neutering males prevents testicular cancer and enlargement of the prostate gland and greatly reduces their risk for perianal tumors.

What to Expect:
Drop off for the procedure is between 8:00 and 9:00 am. Pick-up is typically between 4:00 and 7:30 pm, but you have until 7:30 PM to pick up your pet.

Your pet will have internal sutures, and skin glue will be applied to the outside. This is so you do not have to come back for us to remove the sutures.

Your pet does need to be up-to-date on vaccines. Dogs need to have their DHPP, Bordetella, and Rabies vaccines. Cats need to have their FVRCP and rabies vaccines. 

We have optional take-home medication - both antibiotics and pain medication are highly recommended. We can also provide an e-collar to prevent your pet from licking the incision for an additional fee.

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