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Physical Exams

Having your pet examined at least once a year is the best way to keep them healthy and help prevent serious medical problems. By bringing in your pet once a year for a physical, you can help prevent health problems from developing or worsening. For senior pets, we recommend a complete physical with the doctor every 6 months.

We also offer basic emergency care, at our regular prices. There is no extra charge for bringing an animal in during evening business hours. At the Day and Evening Pet Hospital, we understand that emergencies do happen more often than we’d like! For questions regarding emergency care, please do not hesitate to give us a call!

We also offer a referral service to the Tampa Bay area’s veterinary specialists and overnight emergency care offices for those problems that need more specific care. See our Emergency Page.


Titer: a measurement of the amount or concentration of a substance in a solution. It usually refers to the amount of antibodies found in a patient’s blood.

A titer test can help indicate whether your pet is still protected by past vaccinations, giving you valuable information to help you decide about future vaccinations.

If titer tests on any pet, no matter the age, indicate vaccine levels are low, we recommend a booster for only the specific virus or viruses that titered low, and only for those to which the animal has a real risk of exposure.

Over-vaccination may be the cause of chronic health problems in some dogs, and titer testing can help us determine if there is a need for booster vaccinations.

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